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The UALM pursues and encourages Australian Lebanese to serve Australia to the best of their ability and on all levels of the spectrum. Australia's interests, security and prosperity are installed as the UALM's main priorities, and will always remain so.

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By Elizabeth Yore

Nothing motivates Americans like a child abduction. Search parties are organized, Amber Alerts are issued, flyers printed, the media shifts into overdrive plastering the photo of the innocent missing child on social media and television broadcasts all in a desperate race against time to rescue the kidnapped child.

Having spent a legal career in child advocacy searching for missing children, abducted by strangers and/or parents, the violent kidnapping of 12 nuns from the St. Thecla Orthodox monastery and orphanage in the Christian city of Ma'loula, Syria by radical Islamists strikes a painful chord. Yet, the apathy and inaction from the international community boggles the mind.

Since September, intense fighting and violent clashes are plaguing Ma'loula, Syria w...

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