About Us

The United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) is a public affairs organisation that has a presence in almost every Australian State and Territory. The UALM has a significant popular support base and a well-structured and organised volunteer arm.

As proud Australians, we believe that Australia has an integral role to play in the Middle East on an economic, social and political level. Viewed as honest brokers at the United Nations, Australia can benefit immensely as well as benefitting the Middle East by taking a more active role on certain issues.

The UALM was first registered in 1989 as the Lebanese Coordination Bureau in Melbourne Victoria and within a decade had a presence throughout all of Australia. It mobilised the Lebanese Diaspora and other community group groups to raise the awareness of the foreign occupation that had befallen Lebanon and campaigned for an Australian like system of democracy in Lebanon.

Since 2005, the UALM has focused on backing the forces of Change and Reform in Lebanon as they attempt to quell the institutionalised corruption that resulted from wars and occupation in previous decades. In addition to supporting a just and humanitarian solution for the half a million Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon that would exclude their naturalisation in Lebanon at the expense of the Lebanese indigenous population of 4 million; such an act would not only skew the delicate demographic balance of the nation and destabilise the region even further, but will also close the door on a sizable Diaspora hoping to return.

More importantly, the UALM has supported the emergence of dialogue among faiths and civilisations in the Middle East that has added a new level of stability to an already volatile region.

Being a beacon of freedom, democracy and co-existence we believe Australia has a viable role to play in the process.