Anti-Lebanese and Levantine Bias

The Levant refers to lands of the Eastern Mediterranean that are today a part of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Cyprus and Turkey.

Media portrayals of Lebanon and the Levant have been the source of misinformation (sometimes blatant) in relation to the culture, society, landscape and the genuine causes of the problems in that part of the world and how they relate to the West.

In many instances, the Australians of Lebanese and Levantine origins have been victimised and faced racial backlashes from the media and wider Australian public as a result of such bias.

These are serious issues and the UALM strives to rectify these errors that mislead and distort the perception of Western audiences through contributions to the mainstream media, articles regularly posted on this site and our social networks on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

FYI. Just for the record, Lebanon has no desert whatsoever as you can see in the gallery below.