Baalbeck International Festival live streamed globally, July 10th 3:45 am Australia Eastern Time (Friday night/Saturday Morning)

Baalbak International Festival 2021Baalbak International Festival 2021

A musical journey across the Roman temples of the Bekaa

#شمس لبنان ما بتغيب


The Baalbeck International Festival, amidst these unprecedented and challenging times and now more thanever, stands strong, dedicated to bringing hope and fighting for artistic creativity and culture.

This year, we proudly say #ShineOnLebanon as we shed light on talented local young artists through a unique musical journey across the Roman temples of the Bekaa.

This initiative aims to offer a platform and visibility to the vibrant local music scene, encouraging lebanese musicians, singers and composers to showcase their talent and creativity.

A series of 10 performances (approximately 8 minutes each) were filmed in several Roman archeological sites across the Bekaa.

Local musicians and bands weres elected from a wide range of musical genres such as classical, indie folk, rock, pop, electro, hiphop, oriental, and jazz, offering a rich and eclectic program.

The backdrop for each showcase is the natural setting of 10 different archeological Roman sites, in Baalbeck and across the Bekaa. These sites are the Temple of Venus (Baalbeck), the Stone of the Pregnant Woman (Baalbeck), the Basilique Civique (Baalbeck), the Temples of Niha, Qsarnaba, Majed el Anjar and Ain Herché. This event will allow viewers to discover these relatively unknown venues. This archeological journey was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Directorate General of Antiquities.

The #ShineOnLebanon showcases were captured at sunset during the month of June 2021 by different talented Lebanese directors highlighting the artists’ performances and the beauty of the Roman sites.

These performances will be edited into a one-of-a kind free online stream (approximately 80 minutes) that will air on Friday, July 9th 2021, at around 8:45 pm (Beirut time), on local and regional TV stations, social media and Youtube:

Facebook link:

Youtube link:

On that evening, the artists, directors and organizers will be gathered in the Acropolis of Baalbeck where the concert will be simultaneously launched.

This project was made possible thanks to the generosity and utter trust of Cultural foundations and private sponsors who support our mission. The Baalbeck Festival will carry on and persevere to keep artistic creativity and culture alive in Lebanon.

Production: Baalbeck International Festival
Artistic direction: Jean-Louis Mainguy
Artists’ selection: Leyla Nahas
Artists: Beirut Vocal Point, Blu Fiefer, Ghenwa Nemnom, Jana Semaan & Pierre Geagea, Makram Aboul Hosn Quintet, Postcards, Serge, Taxi 404, Vladimir Kurumilian & Ziad Moukarzek, Ziyad Sahhab and Zef.
Directors: Bassem Christo, Chady Hanna, Elie Rizk, Emile Slailaty, Ingrid Bawab, Michel Saliba, Mirna Khayat, Roger Ghantous and Samer Dadanian.
Production Manager: Guy Yazbeck
Communication & Strategy: Impact BBD


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