Bassil calls out Berri to lift immunity on politicians in aftermath of Beirut explosion

Bassil Calls out BerriBassil Calls out Berri

Free Patriotic Movement leader, MP Gebran Bassil, on Monday called on House Speaker, Nabih Berri, to hold a session on the 4th of August, 2021(one year exactly since the explosion in Beirut’s Port), to lift political immunities on all politicians, officials and public figures.

“The port blast is a security incident, and it’s not limited to functional negligence. It sums up the rampant negligence, corruption, and security evasion nationwide,” he added.  Bassil then stressed that the members of parliament must give the judiciary full authority in a bid to be able to prove the veracity of its work.  “The judicial investigator must prove to be fair and transparent. We call on him to issue the necessary report to insurance companies and to confirm that no one will be arrested before being heard.”

Moreover, Bassil deemed the President of the Republic an “example” to follow, especially in expressing his willingness to testify before the judicial investigator. The FPM leader then expressed firm belief that the Lebanese people, of all categories and sects, were fully aware of developments. “The theory of sedition is being used to pass political deals,” he added.

Bassil finally pointed out that “smuggling operations outside the country are being protected, while transfers inside Lebanon are not, especially in Akkar.”

Lebanon is going through some tough times right now with its economic and political meltdown. The corrupt ruling class simply won’t let go of power or their corrupt ways and will stop at nothing to prevent the reformists from fixing the country.

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