Historic opportunity to vote in Lebanon’s Elections from Australia closes Nov 20, 2017

Lebanon General Elections 2018


According to the new electoral law passed by the Lebanese parliament in June of 2017, the Lebanese expatriates can vote in the general elections of 2018 from outside Lebanon. Here is what you need to know and do to register to vote from Australia in the May 2018 Elections.


Q1: Who needs to register?

Anyone who is planning to vote from Australia in the Lebanese General Elections that will take place in May 2018.


Q2: Do I need to register if I will vote from Lebanon?

Lebanon’s voting records are maintained automatically by government officials. You only need to register if you will vote from outside Lebanon.


Q3: How Can I register to vote from the Australia

The Lebanese diplomatic missions in Australia are accepting registration in 3 ways:

  1. Filling forms in-person at one of the three diplomatic missions in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.
  2. Filling an online application https://diasporavote.mfa.gov.lb
  3. Filling an application on a Phone App “MOFA online”


Q4: What do I need to register?

You need two government issued documents to register; One Lebanese document and One Australian:

A. Lebanese passport, OR Lebanese ID, OR Personal Registry Extract (ikhraj kayd fardi)/ إخراج قيد فردي, OR Family Registry Extract (ikhraj kayd ‘ayli)/ إخراج قيد عائلي


B. Australian ID, OR Australia driver’s license, OR Australian Passport OR Visa Letter (if you are not a citizen)


Q5: What if I have old or expired Lebanese documents?

For registering only, you can use old Lebanese documents.


Q6: What do I need to vote?

To vote you need an ID issued in the 1990’s or later OR a valid Lebanese passport.


Q7: Can I vote using Personal Registry Extract (ikhraj kayd fardi)/ إخراج قيد فردي or Expired documents?

No, but exceptions might be taken and announced later.


Q8: If I register, Can I still vote from Lebanon?

No. Those who register to vote from Australia in 2018 will appear on the voting lists of Australia. for that year. Your name will show only on the voting lists of one country.


Q9: When do I need to register?

Before November 20th, 2017.


Q10: What happens after I submit my form?

After submitting the form and the documents, your status will appear as Submitted. The embassy/consulate will verify the information and give you a Validated status. Then, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or Ministry of Interior will verify your file to give an Approved status.


Q11: Do I have to do anything after I submit?

Your application might be declined for different reasons such as lack of proper documents, not being able to find you at the correct registration records etc.. You need to check your status until you get the Approved stage. If you are declined, you will be informed what you need to do or provide.


Q12: What happens after I get Approved?

After you are Approved, you will receive a barcode. You will use it along with a Lebanese ID or valid passport to vote in May 2018 from Australia.


Q13: Where Do I vote?

If any of the three missions gets 200 approved registrants, or more, it will become a voting centre. The centres will be the Embassy in Canberra and the Consulates in Sydney and Melbourne.


Q14: Are they going to open other voting centres?

The new electoral law allows for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open voting locations other than the existing diplomatic missions such as the Honorary Consulates in Brisbane and Adelaide. Such a decision will depend on the number of registrants at a specific region and the applicable logistics to open a voting centre supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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