Justice in Lebanon is a Prima Donna

What Judge Ghada Aoun is attempting to do in Lebanon is nothing less than heroic–a true act of valiance (curly hair and all). In other countries and under other circumstances, it would simply be her duty (and that of the judiciary department) to fight corruption and pursue justice. However, in Lebanon, where the level of corruption is heavily influenced by the contemptible and prejudiced political culture, it would be intricate, merely impossible, for Judge Aoun to achieve anything. Justice in Lebanon is (and has been) nothing short of a leading lady for hire–a Prima Donna.

New Zealand, India, England and USA.

The worldwide concept of justice is visibly reflected in statues from around the world. The uniformly prevalent feature of Lady Justice is blindness as seen here:

No one, by universal definition, is above the law. Lady Justice is typically blindfolded because she does not –and should not—discriminate among offenders. It is the core of what justice is about… Except in Lebanon. Cosmetic surgery, including vision correction such as Lasik, has successfully invaded all fields, particularly justice. Lady justice in Lebanon is a very sexy lady. Her face is injected with Botox and other “fillers”; she sleeps with the enemy, had undergone laser hair removal, her tummy is possibly tucked, and her vision is—undoubtedly—20/20. She skillfully discerns among litigants and decides who deserves what consequence based, of course, on who they are connected to, what party they belong to, or how much money they have. She is not blinded by the rule of ethics or impartiality, because she, in some cases, must decide that some offenders are infallible. She is “compassionate”, known to be easily influenced by privileged sources and often finds herself “compelled” to grant clemency. And yes, you can argue with her; she is not rigid but rather flexible and open for suggestions and is known to welcome (prestigious) recommendations. She is much accommodating, and many believe she looks like this:


It would be hard and rather unpatriotic not to acknowledge Judge Aoun’s resolve and determination. Despite her dismissal by Public Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat from “important financial crimes cases” and while narrow-minded biased politicians busy themselves with idiotic comments about her appearance–not conforming to the characteristics of a “Prima Donna”–she defiantly continues to “be with the people” and fight to uncover currency export breaches and other financial crimes…

Source: https://lebanonisfree.wordpress.com/2021/04/18/justice-in-lebanon-is-a-prima-donna/

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