Lebanon’s President declares victory over ISIS and Terrorism.

President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, said in a statement tackling the Operation Fajr Al-Jouroud battle that “revealing the fate of the abducted military men was among the main goals of the battle, and this goal has been achieved. However, we wish we were celebrating their liberation alive.”

“When I met the Army Chief in Yarzeh, I told the military that we expect them to win over terrorism and, today, we declare our victory over terrorism,” he said.

“We congratulate the Army Command and all the military personnel who made this victory possible. We bow before the martyrs who fell,” he said.

The President urged the Lebanese to avoid letting the atmosphere of political tensions and polarizations, as well as the trade of accusations that prevailed in recent days, to undermine the victory that has been achieved.

“It is incumbent upon us all- officials, parties and various segments of society- to protect and underpin this victory through national rapprochement, and build upon it while looking towards the future,” the President stressed.

Earlier, Aoun held a meeting with National Defense Minister, Yacoub Sarraf, and Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, who briefed him on the course of the end of the battle and the current situation in the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and Qaa, in terms of the army deployment in that area.

In his delivered word, Army Chief, Joseph Aoun (no relation), announced that “Fajr al-Jouroud” battle has ended, saying it has achieved its objectives, notably the expulsion of ISIS and uncovering the fate of the military abducted servicemen.


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