UALM celebrates 18th Australia Day Community Achiever Awards

On Thursday the 21st of January 2016, the United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) held its 18th Annual Australia Day Community Achiever Awards at Old Government House in Parramatta.

This event, officially recognized by the Australia Day Council, aims to highlight the achievements of members of the Australian Lebanese community.

The event was well attended by prominent members of the Australian Lebanese community, community associations and members of the political sphere.

Attendees included MP Phillip Ruddock officially representing the Prime Minister, MP Dr. Jeff Lee representing the Premier of NSW and MP Julia Finn representing the Leader of the NSW opposition.

The official Australia Day Ambassador at the event was Mary Ruth Mendel, a founder of the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Council, who spoke with passion about empowering people through education.

Each year the UALM chooses a community organisation to which it donates a sum of money. This year that charity was NSW Police Legacy which represented at the event by Superintendent David Small.

This year’s award recipients were:

  • Professor Fadia Ghossayn, awarded for achievements in Academia.
  • Judge John Sakr, awarded for achievements in Law.
  • Michael Chieva, awarded for achievements in sport.
  • Mr Salem Haddad, awarded for achievements in Community Service.

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