UALM concludes annual conference with delegation from Lebanon

The United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) Annual Conference was held in Melbourne, Australia on 23 and 24 February 2019. The conference was attended by members from the various state entities of the UALM and members from the Diaspora Committee of the FPM.

Several topics concerning both Lebanon and Australia were discussed during the conference and a strategy was agreed upon for the years ahead. The UALM confirmed the following positions:

•The UALM is made up of Australians mostly of Lebanese descent. We are all proud Australians and proud of our Lebanese descent. We encourage all Australians of Lebanese descent who do not have Lebanese Citizenship to pursue one (assuming it does not conflict with other roles or duties). The UALM will do what it can to assist on this matter.
•The UALM recognizes the important role of the youth in our organisation. We consider our youth to be one of our main strengths and their involvement to be critical to the long-term survival of the organisation. We are confident in our youth and their abilities and will do what we can to assist them become the future leaders of our community.

•The UALM acknowledges the social, demographic and economic burden placed on the Lebanese population from the presence of several hundred thousand Syrian and Palestinian refugees. The UALM supports efforts to assist these refugees, who are also facing difficult conditions, to return to their country of origin.
•The UALM supports efforts to cease all conflicts in the Middle East and hopes there will be a return to peace and stability in the region. The UALM congratulates the efforts of the Lebanese political and religious groups that have distanced Lebanon from the conflicts in the region.
•The UALM supports all efforts by the FPM and allies to combat corruption in Lebanon which has crippled the country’s economy and worsened the financial crisis gripping the country.

The UALM is positive about the future and believes that together with our friends in the FPM that we can continue to make a positive contribution to both Lebanon and Australia.

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