UALM holds Federal and Local Elections

The United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) held its federal election with the participation of all the state branches across Australia.

Since their founding in 1989, the UALM have been proud of the democratic nature and goodwill displayed throughout their history. The results of the new committee are as follows:

  • Federal President, Mr Maroun Khoury from the Victoria branch.
  • Vice Federal President, Mr Nakhle Aoun from the ACT branch.
  • Federal Secretary, Mr Edward Haikal from the Victoria branch.

The handover was completed by the outgoing committee, and we wish the new committee all the best and look forward to the term ahead as they transition and appoint various subcommittees.

In the same week, elections were held in two branches of the UALM with results as follows:

New South Wales Branch:

  • Coordinator, Mr Charbel Deeb
  • Vice Coordinator, Dr Tony Rizk
  • Secretary, Mrs Claudine Mansour Germanos
  • Assistant Secretary, Mr Michel Nakhoul
  • Treasurer, Mrs Laure Alikhtiyar Chahine
  • Assistant Treasurer, Mr Maroun Saleh

Victoria Branch:

  • Coordinator, Mr Dany Osta
  • Vice Coordinator, Mr Tony Azzi
  • Secretary, Mr Gerard Ibrahim

Wishing all the new committees the best for their term ahead.

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