UALM holds State Committee Elections

Australia 17/03/15

Reaffirming a strong tradition of democracy within the organization, The United Australian Lebanese Movement conducted committee elections simultaneously in all states at 8pm on Tuesday the 17th March 2015.

As per the constitution of the UALM, only those who met “the meeting participation criteria” where allegeable to vote. Voting took place amidst a friendly and positive atmosphere that affirms the UALM’s commitment to the democratic process, a practice which has been followed since its inception in 1989.

On behalf of the UALM Federal committee, we wish to congratulate all those that were elected by state members to represent them, and congratulate all members on their professional and committed participation. It is this spirit which can serve as a role model for Lebanon.



President:           Tony Taouk

Vice President: Tony Rizk

Secretary:           Claudine Mansour           Assist secretary: Michel Nakhoul

Treasurer:           Maggie Nakhoul               Assist Treaurer:                Sam Achmar

Media:                  Jonny Merhab                   Assist Media:     Rita Rizk

Public Relations: Awtel Nohra and Rami Zrayqa

Advisors:             George Melahm, George Maroun and Samir Azzi



President:           Bashar Haikal

Vice President: Maroun  Khoury

Secretary:           Eddie Haikal

Treasurer:           Suleiman Abou Khatar



President:                           Jack Rabbah

Secretary/ treasurer:     Abdullah Roumi

Public Relations:               Nabil Khoury


QLD Representative:      Labib Chemali


ACT Representative:      Nakhle Aoun




UALM Federal President, Robert Bekhazi

Federal Secretary, Nouhad Chahda.

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