United Australian Lebanese Movement: Fight terrorism at its source of funding.

Melbourne Australia

The United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) deplores the savage act of terrorism that hit Lebanon on the 12th November 2015, in which innocent civilians where targeted by suicide bombers in a busy shopping strip in the suburb of Bourj Al Barajni in Beirut.

This despicable act of terrorism led to the deaths of at least 43 civilians with as many as 200 people also facing terrible injuries, many in a serious condition.

Bourj Al Barajni is a popular shopping strip that attracts Lebanese from many parts of Beirut and across the spectrum of Lebanese society.
The UALM calls on the people of Lebanon, in all their sects and political affiliation to unite to face this inhuman wave of terrorism affecting the country and the region as a whole.

The murderous terrorist group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for this act of terror. This death cult has in recent years emerged as the main terrorist scourge afflicting the Middle East along with a myriad of other similar groups.

The international community, including our own nation Australia must do more to fight these terrorists groups. Bombing raids in Iraq and Syria, whilst useful in reducing the capabilities of these terrorists, will not alone stop this scourge.

In order to effectively fight these murderous groups, the international community must fight terrorism at its source of funding. Middle Eastern and other states with geo-political agendas have been actively funding a myriad of terrorist groups who later morphed into IS.

It is imperative that the fight against IS and other terrorist groups, focus its efforts of stopping this funding at the source and that the international community no longer turn a blind eye to these activities.

The international community including the US must also stop arming and funding so called “moderate Islamists” as ultimately, and as has been proven by events in Syria, these arms will end up in the hands of terrorists.

Robert Bekhazi

National Coordinator
United Australian Lebanese Movement
Tel: 0393835222
Mob: 0409411822

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