Update on UALM Australia Day 2022, Garvan Institute receives annual donation

UALM Australia Day 2022UALM Australia Day 2022

Sydney, Australia: As it is the belief of the United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM), that only those who are loyal to their adopted country of Australia can be true to their country of origin, the UALM in conjunction with the Australia Day Council of N.S.W has recognised and honoured the outstanding achievements of many Australians of Lebanese origin for their contribution to Australia since 1998.

Every year, on the night, the UALM chooses to donate a symbolic amount of money to one of the many amazing and outstanding Australian organisations who stood by Australians in the previous 12 months.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in NSW, the UALM has resolved to not hold the Australia Day Ceremony this year.

While the event may not be going ahead this year, annual donation will be; the UALM annual donation this year goes to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research which is renowned for making significant breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of disease. Recognising the hard work the Garvan Institute has put into effect since the COVID-19 outbreak, the UALM represented by vice coordinator Dr Tony Rizk and Treasurer Mrs Laura Chahine presented them with a $2500 cheque at the office and in the presence of the Mayor of Cumberland Council Ms Lisa Lake.

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