URGENT: Call your friends and family in Lebanon now! (Video inside)

Since the end of the war in 1990, Lebanon has witnessed institutionalised corruption and marginalisation of Christians rather than equality between all of Lebanon’s Sects.

The country is in $73 billion USD debt without much to show for it and it is rife with corrupt politicians who rely on foreign powers for support rather than their own people.

The Change and Reform movement has made excellent gains for Lebanon in the way of Energy, Telecommunications and other ministries they have managed. The Reformers were fought, obstructed and sabotaged every step of the way because their policies meant the Lebanese people benefitted and not the pockets of the corrupt. Even the garbage is not being collected from the streets because the corrupt want to their overpriced companies to win these tenders.

On Friday September 4th 2015, a huge rally demanding Change and Reform will take place in Beirut. We ask that you call your friends and family in Lebanon to attend; if they cannot go, we ask that you contribute to them in hiring a bus or van so that they and others cab make their voices heard on the street.

When the corrupt are exposed and have no response they try to paint all the political parties with the same brush and make you think everyone is corrupt like them. Don’t be fooled and don’t let your friends and family be fooled.

Watch bellow and then get on the phone!


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