Why is Lindsay Lohan in Lebanon?

Lindsay Lohan in LebanonLindsay Lohan in Lebanon
American celebrity Lindsey Lohan, was recently spotted in Lebanon causing the hashtag to reach nurmber two in the country overnight.
In the video shared by @michellelipsyncs on the popular video-sharing app TikTok, Lohan is seen posing with three fans in the Lebanese capital on Saturday.

“When I saw her she was having dinner with friends at Piazza 1140 in Hammana,” the original posted wrote in a comment under her video.

Lebanon is going through some tough times right now with its economic and political meltdown. The corrupt ruling class simply won’t let go of power or their corrupt ways and will stop at nothing to prevent the reformists from fixing the country.

The often unstable and turbulent life of Lohan is probably reminiscent of the situation that Lebanon is in right now, but many are asking what is she doing here?

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