BREAKING NEWS: Multiple dead and injured in massive fuel explosion in Akkar North Lebanon (Video Footage)

Akkar Explosion 15 August 2021Akkar Explosion 15 August 2021

Akkar (North Lebanon), reports are coming in from the Lebanese Red cross that a large explosion has killed more than 20 people and injured over 70 in Lebanon’s north.

One year on from the August 2020 port explosion that stalled the forensic audit of government accounts and anti-corruption laws, this was seen by many as the next step in the attempts of the corrupt ruling class to burn the country down rather than see it reformed.

Recently Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh (who is mired in multiple international corruption investigations) lifted subsidies on many essentials leaving the Lebanese people without electricity, bread, medicines and fuel.

Yesterday petrol stations affiliated with the corrupt ruling class shut down leaving many waiting for hours claiming there was no more fuel in the country. The country was at boiling point until the army stepped in and took control of many gas stations and discovered depots of fuel hidden and being withheld from the population. The Army went on to distribute the fuel for free to the people who had been waiting almost a day in line.

In Akkar, the Army took control of multiple fuel tankers from suspected smugglers and hoarders to distribute to the impoverished people of Akkar, when it is believed one of the owners of the fuel tankers opened fire on the tankers and people surrounding it filling up.

Lebanon is going through some tough times right now with its economic and political meltdown. The corrupt ruling class simply won’t let go of power or their corrupt ways and will stop at nothing to prevent the reformists from fixing the country.

Some of the corrupt ruling class include:

  • The AMAL Movement led by former warlord Nabih Berri (who remains Lebanon’s speaker of parliament since 1992) and is believed to be the Godfather of corruption in Lebanon.
  • The Progressive Socialist Party led by former warlord Walid Jumblatt
  • The Future Movement led by Saad Hariri (whose PM father appointed the Riad Salameh in 1993 as Central Bank Governor) who are responsible for endemic corruption and skyrocketing national debt in Lebanon.
  • The Lebanese Forces led by convicted war criminal and former warlord Samir Geagea.
  • The Marada Movement led by former warlord Sleiman Frangieh (a small player in Lebanon’s politics and considered a lackey of Berri).

All of the above have taken part in corruption and the obstruction of anti-corruption and reform laws.

Below is the first footage of the Akkar explosion where Hariri has political influence.

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